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2017 (vol. 27) - Number 4

M. Kaczmarek, W. Domski, A. Mazur:

Position-force control of mobile manipulator - nonadaptive and adaptive case

Zhong Cao, Wenjing Zhao, Xiaorong Hou:

Adaptive robust simultaneous stabilization controller with tuning parameters design for two dissipative Hamiltonian systems

J. Duda:

A Lyapunov functional for a system with both lumped and distributed delay

Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Aceng Sambas, Mustafa Mamat, Mada Sanjaya WS:

A new three-dimensional chaotic system with a hidden attractor,  circuit design and application in wireless mobile robot

J. Ratajczak, K. Tcho˝:

On dynamically consistent Jacobian inverse for non-holonomic robotic systems

D. Krokavec, A. Filasova:

Stabilization of discrete-time LTI positive systems

P. Tatjewski:

Offset-free nonlinear Model Predictive Control with state-space process models


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