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2018 (vol. 28) - Number 2

E. Roszkowska:

Hybrid motion control for multiple mobile robot systems

C. Civelek:

Stability analysis of engineering/physical dynamic systems using residual energy function

M. Ziolko, M. Nowak:

Design of transmultiplexer integer filters

S. Vaidyanathan, S. Jafari, V.-T. Pham, A.T. Azar:

A 4-D chaotic hyperjerk system with a hidden attractor, adaptive backstepping control and circuit design

T. Kaczorek:

An extension of Klamka's method to positive descriptor discrete-time linear systems with bounded inputs

A. Ratajczak:

Motion planning for nonholonomic systems with earlier destination reaching

K.C. Patra, B.K. Dakua:

Investigation of limit cycles and signal stabilization of two dimensional systems with memory type nonlinear elements


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