Last issue
2018 (vol. 28) - Number 1

I. Duleba, I. Karcz-Duleba:

A comparison of methods solving repeatable inverse kinematics for robot manipulators

A. Niederliński:

A new approach for modelling uncertainty in expert systems knowledge bases

T.T. Tuan, L.D. Tufa, M.I.A. Mutalib, N.M. Ramli :

Optimal operation of a process by integrating dynamic economic optimization and model predictive control formulated with empirical model

M. Kaleta:

Network winner determination problem

A. Kowalewski:

Extremal problems for parabolic systems with time-varying lags

T. Rybus, K. Seweryn, J.Z. S±siadek:

Application of predictive control for manipulator mounted on a satellite

T. Kaczorek:

Reachability and observability of positive discrete-time linear systems with integer positive and negative powers of the state Frobenius matrices

G. Grassi, A. Ouannas, V-T. Pham:

A general unified approach to chaos synchronization in~continuous-time systems (with or without equilibrium points) as well as in discrete-time systems

D. Pazderski:

A robust smooth controller for a unicycle-like robot

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