Last issue
2016 (vol. 26) - Number 4

Andrzej Ruszewski:

Practical and asymptotic stability of fractional discrete-time scalar systems described by a new model

D. Krokavec, A. Filasova, P. Liscinsky:

On fault tolerant control structures incorporating fault estimation

Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan:

Hyperchaos, adaptive control and synchronization of a novel 4-D  hyperchaotic system with two quadratic nonlinearities

H. Górecki, M. Zaczyk:

Analytic solutions of transcendental equations with application to automatics

F. Mnif:

Predictor-based stabilization for chained form systems with input time delay

S. Daniar, R. Aazami, M. Shiroei:

Multivariable predictive control considering time delay for load-frequency control in multi-area power systems

T. Kaczorek:

Analysis and comparison of the stability of discrete-time and continuous-time linear systems

M. Rachik, M. Lhous:

An observer-based control of linear systems with uncertain parameters

L. Malinski:

Identification of stable elementary bilinear time-series model

V.V. Huynh:

New observer-based control design for mismatched uncertain systems with time-delay

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