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2017 (vol. 27) - Number 4

M. Kaczmarek, W. Domski, A. Mazur:

Position-force control of mobile manipulator - nonadaptive and adaptive case

Zhong Cao, Wenjing Zhao, Xiaorong Hou:

Adaptive robust simultaneous stabilization controller with tuning parameters design for two dissipative Hamiltonian systems

J. Duda:

A Lyapunov functional for a system with both lumped and distributed delay

Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Aceng Sambas, Mustafa Mamat, Mada Sanjaya WS:

A new three-dimensional chaotic system with a hidden attractor,  circuit design and application in wireless mobile robot

J. Ratajczak, K. Tcho˝:

On dynamically consistent Jacobian inverse for non-holonomic robotic systems

D. Krokavec, A. Filasova:

Stabilization of discrete-time LTI positive systems

P. Tatjewski:

Offset-free nonlinear Model Predictive Control with state-space process models

Review procedure

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To avoid ghostwriting or guest authorship, the contact author may expect to be asked to provide contribution of each author expressed in percent. This requirement may concern certain part of the paper. Editors of the journal reserves the right to disclosure of dishonesty of submitted paper.