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2020 (vol. 30) - Number 2

Zumrud R. Safarova:

On a finding the coefficient of one nonlinear wave equation in the mixed problem

M. Magiera:

Method of rescheduling for hybrid production lines with intermediate buffers

Jun Wang \and Xiaopu Shang, Xue Feng, Mengyang Sun:

A novel multiple attribute decision making method based on q-rung dual hesitant uncertain linguistic sets and Muirhead mean

P. Pruski, S. Paszek:

Location of generating units most affecting the angular stability of the power system based on the analysis of instantaneous power waveforms

T. Yuvapriya, P. Lakshmi, S. Rajendiran:

Vibration control and performance analysis of full car active suspension system using fractional order terminal sliding mode controller

R. Nebeluk, P. Marusak:

Efficient MPC algorithms with variable trajectories of parameters weighting predicted control errors

B. Das, B.B. Pati, B. Subudhi:

Formation control of underwater vehicles using Multi Agent System


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