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2018 (vol. 28) - Number 4

T. Kaczorek:

A new method for computation of positive realizations of fractional linear continuous-time systems

A. Biswas, A. Sarkar:

Development of dual hesitant fuzzy prioritized operators based on Einstein operations with their application to multi-criteria group decision making

L. Li, R. Zhang, J. Wang, X. Shang:

Some q-orthopair linguistic Heronian mean operators with their application to multi-attribute group decision making

J. Duda:

Lyapunov matrices approach to the parametric optimization of a system with two delays and a PD controller

M. Lhous, M. Rachik, El M. Magri:

Ideal observability for bilinear discrete-time systems with and without delays in observation

P.T. Anh, A. Babiarz, A. Czornik, M. Niezabitowski:

Variation of constant formulas for fractional difference equations

K. Bingi, R. Ibrahim, M. Noh Karsiti, S. Miya Hassan, V. Rajah Harindran:

A comparative study of 2DOF PID and 2DOF fractional order PID controllers on a class of unstable systems


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