Last issue
2021 (vol. 31) - Number 1

J.C. Arceo, C. Armenta, J. Lauber, E. Simoneau-Buessinger, J. Álvarez, M. Bernal:

Novel solutions on model-based and model-free robotic-assisted ankle rehabilitation

B. Sikora, N. Matlok:

On controllability of fractional positive continuous-time linear systems with delay

P.N. Rao, R. Devarapalli, F.P. García Márquez, G.V. Nagesh Kumar, B. Mohammadi-Ivatloo:

Indirect torque observer-based sensor-less efficient control of bearingless switched reluctance motor using global sliding mode and square currents control method

A. Czornik, M. Niezabitowski, E. Makarov, S. Popova:

Sufficient conditions for uniform global asymptotic stabilization of affine discrete-time systems with periodic coefficients

S. Vaidyanathan, S. He, A. Sambas:

A new multistable double-scroll 4-D hyperchaotic system with no equilibrium point, its bifurcation analysis, synchronization and circuit design

T.Kwater, P. Hawro, J. Bartman, D. Mazur:

The algorithm of adaptive determination of amplification of the PD filter estimating object state on the basis of signal measurable on-line

D. Casagrande, U. Viaro, W. Krajewski:

The Lepschy stability test and its application to fractional-order systems

A.Zh. Khurshudyan, J. Klamka:

Approximate controllability of second order infinite dimensional systems

A. Dymarek, T. Dzitkowski:

The use of synthesis methods in position optimisation and selection of tuned mass damper (TMD) parameters for systems with many degrees of freedom

A. Sarkar, A. Biswas:

Interval-valued dual hesitant fuzzy prioritized aggregation operators based on Archimedean t-conorm and t-norm and their applications to multi-criteria decision making


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