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2018 (vol. 28) - Number 3

As.Zh. Khurshudyan:

Exact and approximate controllability conditions for the micro-swimmers deflection governed by electric field on a plane: The Green's function approach

P.B. Kumar, C. Sahu, D.R. Parhi:

Navigation of humanoids by a hybridized regression-adaptive particle swarm optimization approach

P. Nowak, K. Stebel, T. Klopot, J. Czeczot, M. Fratczak, P. Laszczyk:

Flexible function block for industrial applications of~active disturbance rejection controller

V. Kucheruk, P. Kulakov, A. Kulakova, I. Kurytnik, R. Lishchuk, Y. Moskvichova:

Definition of dynamic characteristics of pointer measuring devices on the basis of automatic indications determination

M. Magiera:

Methods of planning deliveries of food products to a trade network with the selection of suppliers and transport companies

K. Oprzedkiewicz, E. Gawin:

The practical stability of the discrete, fractional order, state space model of the heat transfer process

S. Haddout, M.A. Guennoun, Z. Chen:

Engineering example of the constraint forces in non-holonomic mechanical: forklift-truck robot motion. Part I

M. Mamat, S. Vaidyanathan, A. Sambas:

A new chaotic system with axe-shaped equilibrium, its circuit implementation and adaptive synchronization


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