Last issue
2019 (vol. 29) - Number 3

M. Lefebvre, A. Moutassim:

The LQG homing problem for a Wiener process with random infinitesimal parameters

I. Duleba, A. Mielczarek:

Small time local controllability of driftless nonholonomic systems in a task-space

A. Boubakir, S. Labiod, F. Boudjema:

A robust model free controller for a class of SISO nonaffine nonlinear systems: Application to an electropneumatic actuator

K. Andrzejewski, M. Czyżniewski, M. Zielonka, R. Łangowski, T. Zubowicz:

A comprehensive approach to double inverted pendulum modelling

S. Vaidyanathan, A. Sambas, S. Zhang:

A new 4-D dynamical system exhibiting chaos with a line of rest points, its synchronization and circuit model

Sz. Bysko, S. Bysko, J. Krystek, R. Lenort:

Buffer management in solving a real sequencing problem in the automotive industry – Paint Shop 4.0 concept

M.E. Koksal:

Explicit commutativity conditions for second-order linear time-varying systems with non-zero initial conditions

A. Ruszewski:

Stability of discrete-time fractional linear systems with delays

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