Last issue
2017 (vol. 27) - Number 2

W. Bozejko, M. Wodecki:

Discrete Systems: Theory and Applications. Special issue.

G. Bocewicz, Z. Banaszak, I. Nielsen:

Delivery-flow routing and scheduling subject to constraints imposed by vehicle flows in fractal-like networks

W. Bozejko, A. Gnatowski, R. Idzikowski, M. Wodecki:

Cyclic flow shop scheduling problem with two-machine cells

W. Bozejko, M. Uchronski,, Z. Chaczko, M. Wodecki:

Parallel patterns determination in solving cyclic flow shop problem with setups

J. Brodny, S. Alszer, J. Krystek, M. Tutak:

Availability analysis of selected mining machinery

K. Chmielewska, D. Formanowicz, P. Formanowicz:

The effect of cigarette smoking on endothelial damage and atherosclerosis development - modeled and analyzed using Petri nets

A. Galuszka, J. Krystek, A. Swierniak, T. Grzejszczak, C. Lungoci:

Information management in passenger traffic supporting system design as a multi-criteria discrete optimization task

M. Kardynska, J. Smieja:

Sensitivity analysis of signaling pathway models based on discrete-time measurements

J. Kasprzyk, P. Krauze, S. Budzan, J. Rzepecki:

Vibration control in semi-active suspension of the experimental off-road vehicle using information about suspension deflection

M. Koryl, D. Mazur:

Towards emergence phenomenon in business process management

M. Koryl:

Active resources concept of computation for enterprise software

H. Krawczyk, M. Nykiel:

Mobile devices and computing cloud resources allocation for interactive applications

W. Mitkowski, W. Bauer, M. Zagórowska:

Discrete-time feedback stabilization

J. Pempera:

An exact block algorithm for no-idle RPQ problem

K. Rzosinska, D. Formanowicz, P. Formanowicz:

The study of the influence of micro-environmental signals on macrophage differentiation using a quantitative Petri net based model

K. Skrzypczyk , M. Mellado:

Vehicle navigation in populated areas using predictive control with environmental uncertainty handling

W. Bozejko, J. Pempera, M. Wodecki:

A fine-grained parallel algorithm for the cyclic flexible job shop problem

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