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2021 (vol. 31) - Number 2

A. Zhirabok, A. Shumsky, A. Zuev, V. Filaretov:

Sliding mode observers for fault identification in linear systems not satisfying matching and minimum phase conditions

I. Tanyer, E. Tatlicioglu, E. Zergeroglu:

Output tracking control of an aircraft subject to additive state dependent disturbance: an optimal control approach

K. Oprzedkiewicz, K. Dziedzic:

Fractional discrete-continuous model of heat transfer process

S.Sh. Kazhikenova:

The unique solvability of stationary and non-stationary incompressible melt models in the case of their linearization

A. Ouannas, F. Mesdoui, S. Momani, I. Batiha, G. Grassi:

Synchronization of FitzHugh-Nagumo reaction-diffusion systems via one-dimensional linear control law

J.K. Bokam, V.P. Singh, R. Devarapalli, F.P. García Márquez:

An improvement of Gamma approximation for reduction of continuous interval systems

A. Galuszka, E. Probierz:

On transformation of conditional, conformant and parallel planning to linear programming

Tarek Fajraoui, Boulbaba Ghanmi, Fehmi Mabrouk, Faouzi Omri:

Mittag-Leffler stability analysis of a class of homogeneous fractional systems

A.Zh. Khurshudyan, S.H.Jilavyan, E.R. Grigoryan:

Heating control of a finite rod with a mobile source

M. Özbaltan, N. Berthier:

Power-aware scheduling of data-flow hardware circuits with symbolic control

A.R. Pathiran, R. Muniraj, M.W. Iruthayarajan, S.R.B. Prabhu, T. Jarin:

Unified design method of time delayed PI controller for first order plus dead-time process models with different dead-time to time constant

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